The Léonard de Vinci Residence is dedicated to students of the École Centrale de Lille. Located 10 minutes walk from the school, it is administered by the Residence Management Association (AGR).

Two types of housing are offered

  • - individual apartments of 18 to 27 m2, including a bedroom, a kitchen area, a shower area and WC
  • - “double” accommodation: apartments of 37 to 46 m2, with two individual bedrooms, each lockable, a kitchen area, a shower area and a WC.

The Residence is secure: a badge allows access to the Residence buildings, car parks and equipment. A member of staff is housed on site, and the Residence is covered by video surveillance. A Security PC conducts regular rounds on campus, and is ready to intervene in the event of problems.

Chambre résidence vide

The residence is made up of 6 buildings, with 365 individual apartments, 106 double apartments and an apartment of 4 (a total of 581 beds). You will also find association premises, sports equipment, bicycle roomsand laundromats..

Residents also have access to a foyer and a gym. A sports field is located right next to the buildings.

The residence has a collective heating and an internet access managed by an association of the Ecole Centrale (Rézo Leo, in building D).

Rents are at most €480 for a single, and range from €277 to €300 per tenant for a double, excluding aid. The Residence is not eligible for the Visale guarantee.


Common questions

You can access all the information concerning the registration to the Residence by clicking here

If you have a wish concerning your accommodation in the residence (whether it concerns the size of the flat, the name of the person with whom you wish to share, or the floor of your accommodation, etc.), you can enter it in the "Observations" box when you register on the portal. The Residence will make every effort to accommodate your request, subject to availability. 

The first files completed and validated are the first to be allocated housing. If you do not complete your application by the given date, you will be placed on the waiting list. 

Requests for single accommodation may be allocated to double accommodation (or vice versa), depending on availability. 

If you are on the waiting list, the Residence will contact you as soon as a place becomes available. We nevertheless advise you to continue looking for another accommodation solution nearby.

The buildings and furniture in your apartment at the time of your arrival are insured by AGR. However, we advise you to insure yourself (civil liability), as well as your own belongings, which are not covered by AGR's insurance.

The Residence has three laundry rooms, with access by badge, equipped with washing machines and dryers. The service is outsourced; payment by credit card is made directly in the laundries. 

The Residence does not accept the Visa guarantee, you necessarily needa physical guarantor.

The guarantor will then have to provide documents and sign a guarantee commitment.

There are no steps to take with EDF.

If after your apartment number it says “A” or “B”, you are in a shared apartment. Otherwise, you are in a simple apartment.

In both cases, your contract mentions "collective", but this only concerns the heating, which is collective for the whole building.

The amount of the security deposit will differ depending on the surface area of the accommodation, and whether it is a single or double apartment.

The rental contract is established for one year.

Tenants have the possibility of making a termination request, giving one month's notice. 

Contact the Residence

If you are already a tenant at the Residence, please use the contact forms found in your tenant area.